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 S1QW2 - qKs vs rD

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PostSubject: S1QW2 - qKs vs rD   Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:55 pm

Team qKs [2:0] Team rD

Location: Masters League Room
Starting Map: Turtle Rock

Chaos Factors
Canada Orc aGa[cF]
Canada Undead lord[cF]

Raining Deuces
Canada Undead vVv.Deuce
USA Human acidrain!

Canada qKs [1:0] USA & Canada rD FF
Canada qKs [2:0] USA & Canada rD FF

- Team qKs receives +2pts, Team rD receives -2pts.
- Team rD receives 1 PP for not showing up and having to forfeit.
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S1QW2 - qKs vs rD
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