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 WTGL 2v2 League Rules

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PostSubject: WTGL 2v2 League Rules   Mon Nov 24, 2008 3:45 am

1. Information
1.1 All matches will be played in the Masters League Room on Garena or on B.net with a LC host.
1.2 All teams declare with their participation in the league (WTGL) to agree and comply to its rules.
1.3 All days and times used on WTGL will be listed as Eastern Standard Timezone.

2. Definitions
2.1 Team: A team consists of two unique players who agreed on a name to represent themselves and compete into the league. A player cannot play on two teams*.
2.2 Team ''Manager'': Each team has to designate a ''manager'' who will manage its team by scheduling their match date and time with other teams and league adminstrators.
2.3 Players: Players who are competing into WTGL cannot be part of more than one team (2v2) at a given time.
2.4 League Admins: Admins are designated by the Head Admin Canada MystikaLsmuRF to observe, judge and administrate matches. The Head Admin has the ultimate authority over everything concerning WTGL and may change decisions made by other league admins.

3. Competing System
3.1 Team War: a team war consists of one best out of three(3) (bo3). A team wins by defeating the opposing team twice.
3.2 Regular Season: A regular WTGL 2v2 season consists of twelve(12) 2v2 teams. These teams will be split into two(2) divisions of six(6) teams. A season lasts about five(5) weeks.
3.3 Qualifiers: Qualifiers consist of sixteen(16) 2v2 teams who are competing to be part of the regular season (see 3.2). Four(4) divisions of four(4) teams are made during the qualifiers. Only twelve(12) of these teams will take part into the regular season according to their amount of pts and/or PPs. Qualifiers last about three(3) weeks.
3.4 Playoffs: The three(3) teams with the highest pts from the regular season in each division will move on to the playoffs. Playoffs last about four(4) weeks. The winner of the playoffs is crowned champion.
3.5 Manners: All participating players are expected to behave well at all times during the team war. Lack of manners may follow with penalty points according to the admin decision.

4. League Format
4.1 Team matchups for the following week will be announced on every Sunday (exceptions may apply during the season). The announcement will state the starting map for the week.
4.2 Each scheduled match must be played at the given time and date. A delay of 15mins is given for a player if one person of the team is present at the scheduled date and time. Failure to show up will make the team forfeit and get Penalty Points.
4.3 Players have to play their main race as stated into their team profile for every first match. Players may pick an offrace for the 2nd/3rd match if they wish to do so.
4.4 The team which loses a match will pick the other map, the team who won that match is allowed to veto one(1) map. This veto must be said before the map is picked.
4.5 The second and third match (if it applies) must be played within 15mins of the previous match. Failure to do so will result into a forfeit and the forfeiting team will receive Penalty Points.
4.6 Every match won gives your team one(1) point and every match lost makes your team lose one(1) point.
4.7 A team must pick a map from the map pool upon losing a match. This map cannot be the map veto'd by the other team (see 4.4).
4.8 A map cannot be picked twice, unless it is the starting map.
4.9 Players are allowed to call ''no observers'' in which only a neutral host not affiliated with either team may host and observe the game.
4.10 If a team is caught hacking during a league match, it will be removed and replaced by another team.
4.11 Players must use the exact same name stated into their team profile for all league matches.
4.12 Vent cheating with observers is forbidden and will result into penalty points.
4.13 If the teams cannot agree on a scheduled time, the default time for the matches will be Sunday 7PM EST. All matches must be SCHEDULED by Sunday midnight (the end of the week which is also the beginning of the next week).

5. Hosting and Lag
5.1 Hosting
5.1a The host must be agreed by both teams.
5.1b League matches must be played on the Garena Masters League Room room. unless agreed by all four(4) players to play on B.net on a LC host or in another Garena room.
5.1c If the game is laggy, it must be saved and re-hosted. Leaving a game without the agreement of the other players and after the 2mins mark will result into a forfeit. Games under 2mins may be remade if agreed by all players.
5.1d If a player scouts or there is interaction between the two(2) teams, the rule 5.1c no longer applies. Instead, the admin will decide to either regame or award the win to the team who had a clear advantage.
5.1e The game settings must be as followed:
Game must be set on fastest.
Observers must be set to “Full observers.”
Team lock must be on
Random Heroes must be off.
Random Races must be off.
Fog of War must be on.
“Full” unit sharing must be off.
5.2 The host is expected to given equal amount of observers (friends) for each team. There must always be a spot for an admin to observe the game. A game cannot start if an admin isn't present unless said otherwise, proof will be needed or it will result as penalty points for both teams.
5.3 Disconnection
5.3a If a player disconnects before the 2mins mark, the game will be remade.
5.3b If a player scouts of there is interaction between the two(2) teams, the 5.3a rule doesn't apply anymore. Instead, the admin will decide to either regame or award the win to the team who had a clear advantage.
5.3d If a player disconnects after the 2mins mark, the admin will decide if a team wins or if a regame will be played, unless agreed by both teams to regame.

6. Replays
6.1 The winning team of each game must save the replay and submit the complete replay to the WTGL database.
6.2 If there is no admin, the winning team has to submit the battle report with the correct match order. Battle reports should be sent to wtgl@live.ca. Otherwise, the admin will do the battle report.
6.3 Replays must be uploaded to the replay database within 24hours of the war, (upload pw: wtgl) failure to do so will result into penalty points for the team for each missing replay. Replays may also be sent to wtgl@live.ca.
6.4 Even if there is an admin present, players must keep the replays until they are posted on WTGL.

7. Penalty Point System
7.1 Penalty Points are assigned to a team and are accumulative during the season. They do not add with the qualifiers.
7.2 Penalty Points may only be given by a WTGL admin.
7.3 Two(2) penalty points will result in the loss of one(1) point in the team's standings.
7.4 Six(6) or more penalty points accumulated during the season will result into disqualification from the league.
7.5 Penalty point may be issued by the following, but is not limited to:
7.5a Missing replays (0.5 each)
7.5b Forfeit or not showing up (1)
7.5c Bad manners; name calling, disrespect or other misbehaviour will not be tolerated. (0.5 or more)
7.5d Use of unapproved 3rd party programs will result into disqualification from the league.
7.5e Cheating of any kind (3 or disqualification from the league)
7.5f Misleading the admins (1 or more)
7.5g Any other misconduct as judged by an admin.

8. Playoffs
8.1 At the end of the season, the top three(3) teams of each division will move into the playoffs.
8.2 The teams finishing 1st and 2nd place of the regular season will directly qualify for the semi-final.
8.3 The quarter-final matches of the playoffs will be played as single-elimination. It will be team#3 vs team#6 and team#4 vs team#5. The winner of #3 vs #6 will meet the team#1, and the winner of #4 vs #5 will meet the team #2 in the semi-final.
8.4 The teams losing the quarter-final matches will play a best out of three(3) in order to dertermine the 5th and 6th place.
8.5 The semi-final will be played as double-elimination. The winners will compete for 1st and 2nd place and the losers will compete for the 3rd and 4th place.
8.6 The 1st place team will be crowned champion of WTGL 2v2 and will have its name in the WTGL 2v2 Champions section of the website.
8.7 The top six(6) teams (the same teams who participated into the playoffs) will be invited to the next season.

Please note that rules are subject to change at any time and may be overwritten with the approval of the Head Admin Canada MystikaLsmuRF.
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WTGL 2v2 League Rules
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