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 WTGL 2v2 League Staff

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B.net ID : MystikaLsmuRF
Garena ID : MystikaLsmuRF
Registration date : 2008-11-23

PostSubject: WTGL 2v2 League Staff   Mon Nov 24, 2008 3:48 am

WTGL League
Email: wtgl@live.ca

WTGL Head Admin / Webmaster
Canada MystikaLsmuRF
B.net ID: MystikaLsmuRF
Garena ID: MystikaLsmuRF
Server: Azeroth
Email: nastypenguin@hotmail.com
MSN: nastypenguin@hotmail.com

WTGL 2v2 League Admins
Australia WTGL]BliZz
B.net ID: Go.BliZz
Garena ID: WTGL]BliZz
Server: Lordaeron
Email: delusioN.ross@live.com.au
MSN: delusioN.ross@live.com.au

Canada WTGL]Ben
B.net ID: ToG.Ades
Garena ID: WTGL]Ben
Server: Azeroth
Email: benoit_aube@hotmail.com
MSN: benoit_aube@hotmail.com

B.net ID: lilmonkeygirl@Lordaeron xE.aMY@Azeroth cGz.LMG@Azeroth
Garena ID: WTGL]aMY
Server: Azeroth/Lordaeron
Email: amyesplain@msn.com
MSN: amyesplain@msn.com

Sweden WTGL]Jen
B.net ID: Hello.Kitty
Garena ID: MyNameIsJen
Server: Azeroth
Email: swimminggirl0101@yahoo.com
MSN: swimminggirl0101@yahoo.com
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WTGL 2v2 League Staff
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